Bylaws of Bedford County Democrats




SECTION 1 –The Democratic vote of each election district of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, shall elect at the Spring Primary Election in each even-numbered year one County Committeeman and one County Committeewoman who shall be enrolled or registered Democratic in that district. The County Committeeman and the County Committeewoman shall have charge of the Democratic organization in that district and shall hold offices for a term of two years, or until a successor is elected.

SECTION 2—The County Committee shall be the authoritative body of the Democratic party in Bedford County and in all matter of party management not specifically covered by law or by these rules; it shall have full power and authority to act for the Democratic Party of Bedford County and may delegate such power and authority to committees or to representative Democratic voters of the County.

SECTION 3 –The County Committee shall consist of the member of the State Committee from Bedford County and of the County Committeeman and Committeewoman from the various election districts of Bedford County. It shall meet on the fifth Monday following the Spring Primary Election in each even-numbered year, or as soon thereafter as possible, at such time and place as the County Chairman shall designate by written notice by mail to all the members, and shall organize by the election by majority vote, of a County Chairman or Chairwoman who shall be Chairman of the County Committee, one Vice-Chairman and one Vice-Chairwoman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, some of which need be members of the County Committee at the time of their election. These officers shall be elected for two years, or until their successors are chosen. Vacancies in said offices shall be filled by the Executive Committee of the Democratic party for the unexpired term. Special meetings shall be called by the Chairman at his discretion, or called by the Chairman upon written petition signed by at least a majority of qualified members and handed to the Chairman. Said petition may state the time and place for the meeting.

SECTION 4 –In case of a vacancy in the office of County Committeeman or County Committeewoman for any election district of the County, caused by death, resignation, failure to elect at the Spring Primary election, or otherwise, the County Executive Committee shall appoint qualified, enrolled Democratic voter of said district, to fill said vacancy for the unexpired term, and shall notify by writing the County Chairman of its selection.

SECTION 5 –Any member of the County Committee who is unable to attend in person meeting of the Committee, may appoint by proxy a registered Democratic elector resident in the same election district, who shall have power to attend such meeting and vote thereat as the representative of such absent member. Any such proxy shall be in writing, signed by the member giving same, and attested by the signature of a witness.

SECTION 6—The members of the County Committee attending a meeting after due written notice by mail shall constitute a quorum.

SECTION 7—Meetings of the County Committee shall be conducted in accordance with rules of procedure laid down in Robert’s Rules of Order.



SECTION 1 – The County Executive Committee shall consist of the County Chairman who shall be Chairman thereof, the Vice-Chairman, the Vice-Chairwoman, the Secretary, the Treasurer of the County Committee, the member of the State Committee, member or members of the State Executive Committee, if any, residing in the County, and five other registered Democratic voters resident in the County and appointed by the Chairman.

SECTION 2 – The County Executive Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the officers and other committees of the organization and perform such other functions as are designated by the County Committee or by these rules. A majority of the members present shall constitute a quorum and shall meet at the call of the County Chairman, or, on written petition signed by six or more of its members and handed to the Chairman of the County Committee.



  SECTION 1 – The County Executive Committee shall have power to fill all vacancies happening or existing on the County ticket by reason of death, withdrawal, failure to nominate at the primary election by law, and shall have power to make and certify a nomination to the proper authority.

SECTION 2 – Vacancies happening or existing on a borough, township, or ward ticket by reasons set forth in Section 1 of Rule III shall be filled by the County Executive Committee or some authority designated by them.



SECTION 1 – These rules may be amended at any meeting of the County Committee by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members present, provided written notice of such proposed amendments was mailed to all members at least ten days previous to the meeting at which action is to be taken.