New Legislative Districts for Bedford County

Pennsylvania House

The Republican gerrymander of 2011 divided Bedford County into two legislative districts for the PA House. The eastern part of the county was in the 78th District currently represented by Jesse Topper, and the western part of the county was in the 69th District currently represented by Carl Metzger.  They even split parts of school districts into different districts.  This map shows how Republicans split our county for the last ten years.


This next map shows a complete view of the current 69th and 78th house districts.


As a result of the redistricting of 2021 which Republicans did not control, all of Bedford County will be part of the 78th Legislative District for the next 10 years.  The next maps shows the new house districts in our region.  Jesse Topper is the Republican incumbent for the new 78th district.   He does not have a Democratic opponent.


Pennsylvania Senate

Under the 2011 senate map, Bedford County isOldSenate part of the 35th Senatorial District.  Our current State Senator is Wayne Langerholc from the Richland area of Johnstown.

For the next decade we will be part of the 32nd Senatorial District.  Pat Stefano is the Republican incumbent for our new district.  He is co-sponsor along with Doug Mastriano, of some of most extreme legislation, including the proposed constitutional amendment stating that the PA Constitution does not guarantee women the right to an abortion if needed.

We do have a Democratic opponent to Stefano this fall.  Sydney Hovis is the Democratic candidate for the 32nd District.