Bedford County Democratic Committee

The bylaws of the Bedford County Democrats specify that the governance of the party is the responsibility of the precinct committee persons.  Since members of the committee were elected in the Spring 2018 primary election, the committee was required to reorganize.  The reorganization meeting of Bedford County Democratic Committee was held on June 12.  The elected officers are listed below.

Dave Popp was elected as our State Committee Person in the Spring 2022 Primary.

The chair appoints an Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee consists of the officers, State Committee Person, and these appointed members: Candi Bussard, Linda Gunn, Nina Palmer Sweeney, Glenn Rogers, and Norman Williams.

After reorganization, Executive Committee has the authority to appoint committee people to fill vacant positions.  Parties interested in serving on the committee should contact Val.

Current Committee Members by Precinct

0101  Bedford Borough East Ward,  Tug Turner, Chris Smith

0102  Bedford Borough West Ward,  Karen and Mark Davis

0201  Bedford Township No 1, contact Chris Smith

0202  Bedford Township No 2,  Jackie and Jeff Logue

0301  Bloomfield Township Eileen Detwiler

0401  Broad Top Township

0501  Coaldale Borough

0601  Colerain Township, Penny McFadden, Jane Ziegler

0701  Cumberland Valley Township, contact Chris Smith

0801  Everett Borough,  Marty Helsel

0901  Harrison Township, contact Cheryl and Fred Veith

1001  Hopewell Borough, contact Valerie Pawuk

1101  Hopewell Township, contact Valerie Pawuk

1201  Hyndman Borough, Travis Leap and Karen Williams

1301  Juniata Township, contact Dave Popp

1401  Kimmel Township,  Steve and Bonnie Walter

1501  King Township, contact Dave Popp

1601  Liberty Township, Deb Baughman, 814-635-7284

1701  Lincoln Township, contact Dave Popp

1801  Londonderry Township, Cheryl and Fred Veith

1901  Mann Township, contact Valerie Pawuk

2001  Manns Choice Borough, contact Cheryl and Fred Veith

2101  Monroe Township, contact Valerie Pawuk

2201  Napier Township, contact Dave Popp

2301  New Paris Borough, contact Dave Popp

2401  Pleasantville Borough, contact Dave Popp

2501  East Providence Township, Donna Bryant

2502  West Providence Township, Valerie Pawuk

2601  Rainsburg Borough

2701  Saxton Borough

2801  Schellsburg Borough, contact Dave Popp

2901  Snake Spring Township, Colleen Prezlock,

3003  Southampton Township, contact Valerie Pawuk

3101  St. Clairsville Borough, contact Mary Ann Martz, or Norman Williams

3201  East St. Clair Township, Mary Ann Martz, Norman Williams

3202  West St. Clair Township, Jim Claycomb

3301  Pavia Township, contact Dave Popp

3401  Woodbury Borough, contact Valerie Pawuk

3501  Woodbury Township, contact Valerie Pawuk

3601  South Woodbury Township, Linda Claycomb and Carlton Blanchard