Mercersburg, Peters, Warren, and Montgomery Townships were gerrymandered to assure their representative would be from Bedford County.

Mercersburg, Peters, Warren, and Montgomery Townships are part of the 78th District of the State House of Representatives.  They were gerrymandered to virtually assure that they would be represented by someone from Bedford County.

It’s simple math.

Appox. population of Bedford County townships and municipalities in the 78th –  36,500
Appox. population of Fulton County townships and municipalities in the 78th   –   14,600
Appox. population of Franklin County townships and municipalities in the 78th – 12,500

This virtually assures that a well known person in Bedford County will be elected to represent Mercersburg, Peters, Warren, and Montgomery Townships over a well known Franklin County candidate.

Franklin and Adams Counties have sufficient combined population to create four contiguous districts for the state house and one contiguous district for the state senate.  You could be voting for local candidates known to you.

Jesse Topper, the current representative for the 78th district declined to publicly support a gerrymandering reform bill that would correct this problem.  Judy Ward, your candidate for state senate voted to gut the reform bill in the State Government Committee of the House.

Deb Baughman is running for State Representative in the 78 Legislative District, and Emily Best is running to represent Franklin County as part of the 30th Senatorial  districtBoth stand for fair districts and don’t believe politicians should pick their voters.  Both have pledged to support gerrymandering reform as well as term limits for state legislators.

The Pennsylvania Constitution states “Unless absolutely necessary no county, city, incorporated town, borough, township or ward shall be divided in forming either a senatorial or representative district.”  You can elect representatives to state government who will stand for your right to local representation.

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