Describing What We are For

How do we present ourselves to the community?  What are our core values.  Check this TED talk for an opinion on why this is important.

George Lakoff

“George Lakoff didn’t start off in the world of politics. He was a founding father of cognitive linguistics, starting with his 1980 book, “Metaphors We Live By (co-authored with philosopher Mark Johnson). The book showed how immediate, concrete experience — bodily orientation, physical movement, and so on — structures our understanding of more complex and abstract experiences via “conceptual metaphors” such as “Consciousness Is Up,” “Love Is a Journey,” etc.” (Salon)   ……..  The following Lakoff resources help us to understand message construction

Interview with George Lakoff

“The Clinton campaign decided that the best way to defeat Trump was to use his own words against him.  So they showed these clips of Trump saying outrageous things. Now what Trump was doing in those clips was saying out loud things that upset liberals, and that’s exactly what his followers liked about him. So of course they were showing what actually was helping Trump with his supporters.”    …Free advertising for Trump?

Protect the Truth

YouTube Videos Featuring George Lakoff

The Lakoff interview is complimented by the following article.

The Psychology of Lies

Don’t repeat a lie when you try to refute it.