Robert Reich’s 8-Point Plan for a New Democratic Party Recommended by Ken Grace

How Pennsylvania Will Fight to Protect Health Insurance and Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Governor Wolf’s position on proposed healthcare changes.   Recommended by Deb Baughman

Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) lowers drug costs by an annual average of $2100 for seniors.

With so many health uncertainties as we get older, Medicare, in its current form, works well for seniors.  It is a benefit working people pay into their entire working lives.  Even so, there are still reasonable premium costs seniors pay for the different parts of Medicare.  Paul Ryan and the Republican House, along with Tom Price, Trump’s cabinet pick for Health and Human Services want to privatize Medicare and shift more costs to seniors.  If you are a senior, or are concerned about your parents or grandparents, please read this informative AARP article and pass it on. Recommended by Deb Baughman

Recommended by Michael and Joan Burton.  Some of you may have read the recent New Yorker article “The Crowdsourced Guide to Fighting Trump’s Agenda, by Charles Bethea, about an encouraging initiative undertaken by a number of former congressional staffers and their friends.

And here is the link Bethea provides to this guide: .