Tera Yingling Maligned

Tera Yingling’s Professionalism Falsely Maligned on Social Media

During this election season approximately 40 volunteers have reached out to over 8,000 voters in a personal letter campaign.  Tera Yingling is one of these volunteers.  Unfortunately, people on a social media platform started to suggest that Tera used her position as Physician’s Assistant at the New Paris Rural Health Clinic to get addresses for her letter recipients.  THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

There were 17 batches of letters generated in our mail campaign, and all of the addresses for these letters were obtained through resources available to the Bedford County Democratic Party.

The FACT is that our voting information is part of the public record, and any political organization or campaign can obtain it from the Pennsylvania Department of State.  The list includes our names, addresses, age, party registration, phone numbers, school district, voting history, and more.  Note, this list tells whether we voted.  Nobody can tell how we vote.  

You start by going to the PA Dept of State at 


You will see a message like the one below.:

PA Full Voter Export
As provided by 25 Pa.C.S. Section 1404(b)(1) (relating to Public Information Lists), as well as the SURE Regulations at 4 Pa. Code Section 184.14(b) (relating to Public Information Lists), the Department of State will provide the Full Voter Export List to requestors.
This version of the Public Information List is a full export of all voters in the county and contains the following fields: voter ID number, name, sex, date of birth, date registered, status (i.e., active or inactive), date status last changed, party, residential address, mailing address, polling place, date last voted, all districts in which the voter votes (i.e., congressional, legislative, school district, etc.), voter history, and date the voter’s record was last changed.
The cost of the Full Voter Export list is 20.00. Upon successful payment an email will be sent to the provided email address.
This data is current as of 10/26/2020 and will be refreshed on 11/02/2020 at midnight. 

The purchaser must affirm the following.

I affirm that any information obtained from the records requested from the Department of State will not be used for commercial or other purposes, except purposes related to elections, political activities and law enforcement, as required by 25 Pa.C.S. sections 1207(b) & 1404(c)(2). I further affirm that I will not publish any of the above lists on the Internet, as such publication is prohibited by 4 Pa. Code sections 183.13 (g) & 183.14 (k).
I verify that this statement is true and correct. I understand that false statements made are subject to the penalties of 18 Pa.C.S. Section 4904, relating to unsworn falsification to authorities.
By submitting this form I understand that I am entering into an electronic transaction with the Pennsylvania Department of State as defined under 73 P.S. section 2260.301(b). By entering my name below I am submitting my signature electronically, which I recognize has the full legal effect and enforceability as a “wet” signature under 73 P.S. section 2260.301.