What Republican Control Has Done for US

At the federal level, Republicans:

  • changed the law to allow your Internet provider to sell your browser history for profit
  • failed to fix the problems in the health care law
  • made it easier for people who are profiting from financial advice they give you to hide that fact
  • made it easier to pollute streams
  • made it harder for consumers to join class action suits when injured by companies

At the state level Republicans:

  • failed to do their job to pass and fund an on-time budget. We pay extra because school districts and county governments have to borrow money to operate.
  • had a budget fight with their own governor, Tom Corbett, over their inability to deal with rising pension costs.
  • passed a voter identification law that made it harder for people who don’t have driver’s licenses to vote. The courts later ruled the law unconstitutional.
  • redrew congressional boundaries so they now control 13 of 18 congressional seats when Democrats have an 800,000 voter registration advantage.