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Attorney General Josh Shapiro for Governor

Josh Shapiro

Josh has a plan to grow Pennsylvania’s rural economy, invest in needed infrastructure, and ensure better access to broadband, healthcare, and jobs.

Josh will prioritize and ensure access to broadband across rural Pennsylvania.

Josh will also invest in agricultural infrastructure and ensure that farmers have the financing and investments necessary for agricultural production and remain competitive and profitable.

He’ll keep rural hospitals from closing by ensuring the financial viability and expand telehealth for rural communities that lack easy access to transportation.

Josh will expand opportunities for good paying jobs in rural communities by increasing funding for rural apprenticeships, investing in workforce development initiatives, capping abandoned wells, fixing our sewer and stormwater systems, and repairing structurally deficient bridges and roads.

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman for U.S. Senate

John Fetterman

Right-wing extremists have been passing laws aimed at banning abortions without exceptions for rape or incest and even putting women who seek abortions and doctors who perform them behind bars.

As your senator, I will vote to enshrine access to safe and legal abortion into federal law because deciding how and when to become a mother is a decision that should always be made by a woman and her doctor — not politicians.  I will also stand up to attacks on Planned Parenthood, and fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment.

In the Senate, I will fight to expand voting rights and push for reforms that get big money out of politics and prevent politicians from picking their voters through partisan gerrymandering.

I’ll make sure that long-promised investments in rural broadband and other critical infrastructure make their way to where they’re actually needed, because in this day and age, broadband internet access is almost as fundamental as electricity or running water.

Sydney Hovis for PA Senate

Sydney Hovis

Sydney Hovis holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and is currently working on her master’s at West Virginia University.  She is the mother of three and manages her family’s business.  She has been engaged with local non profits in her community.

Sydney will protect women’s rights to control their own healthcare and equality for all.

Pat Stefano, the Republican incumbent is a co-sponor of Senate Bill 106 which passed July 8.  This bill would amend the the PA Constitution to include:
• The PA Constitution does not guarantee women the right to an abortion.
• Requirement of government ID to vote.